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Mt Taranaki, New Zealand
Pembroke Rd, Stratford
Pembroke Rd, Startford
Pembroke Rd, Stratford
Lake Rotoiti
Jordan at Lake Rotoiti 
Updated my website with a few photos.
Forgotten world highway, Taranaki NZ
Pjs Bach

cameronthorp said: Hey Ben, I've followed you for a little while now, love the new contax haha. I also live in NZ, Auckland. I was just wondering where you get your film developed? I'm having a hard time finding a good place.. Thanks man!

Hey man, thanks! To be honest I haven’t found anywhere that I particularly like. Everyone recommends PCL on Karaka St, they used to be $12.99 per roll of colour, now $19.99 + GST just for the dev! And my film always comes back bent, which sucks. Double J in Ponsonby are the cheapest, but again don’t treat film very well.. Lately I’ve been going to the 1hr film place Camera & Camera on Queen st, they are cheap $12.99 (dev only) and fast, and take ok care of film.. Although my last set were cut pretty poorly. The best place I’ve used in NZ is Film Soup in Wellington - worth it if you’re willing to wait 2 weeks. I haven’t tried or found to many places in AK! Any other places I should know about?